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    Romantic Moments – Friends – Colleagues

    A special Evening at Your Home made by a Good Italian Chef

Why do have a Chef at Home?

The home cooks’ fashion, which began in the USA, is widespread also in Italy, even if newspapers doesn’t speak so much about it.

A dinner between the walls of the house is a special event. The chef at home is a perfect solution if you want to eat well and high quality standards remaining in your lovely domestic life, enjoying every moment of the evening. The dishes will be nice to see and good and the menu will be the one you want.
How much does a home italic chef cost?

Simply ask for your needs! Just write us a message, let us know the date, number of people and what is the purpose of the food gathering. A simple evening filled with some good friends? That’s the most simple and good moment to organize. A promotion on the job to share? A meeting with collegues? A dinner with you boss? A Detox Meal Experience? Come along with us, we’ll do it for you!
Just ask for it.

You can place on a scales your pleasure and costs and you’ll see how is convenient to have a comfortable, pleasant and delight lunch or dinner through our chef at your home.

Everything it’ll be catered for you and your home will returned to it’s original clean state.

After that, your mind will be delighted thinking to organize another event through us which could be a moment with your partner, a meeting with your colleagues or even a cooking class gathering your family, your neighbors, your close friends.

Feel free to contact us for an estimation


We need to know how many participant we’ll be in your event, the kind of people for you (friends, colleagues, relatives, parents, ecc.) and the context. Your event could be in your house or any other place organizable.

We may speak to each other about it through Skype.

Just remember we are full till the end of september 2018! Generally we need 2 weeks to organize an event but, if you have a special urgent need, feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best! Just go up on the right side, to the menu of website and click on ‘Contact’ or write to our email quellichevanno@gmail.com

We generally work on Utrecht, Eindhoven and Delft but we can move in any part of Netherlands and… please do not forget! We are italians!

See you there!

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