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Detox Workshop

What is the Right Time?

There are times when we have no limits in eating. We eat everything to satisfy the desire for food, fried food, sweets, beer, wine, sometimes even a lot of meat.
During the holidays there are many more opportunities to eat, we are stimulated by the inviting menus, by the evenings with friends, by the tips of greedy friends ….
All this weighs down, the body becomes less agile and we must strive to ride a bicycle as before, to walk a bit. The desire to sit, maybe in front of the computer, Facebook or other becomes stronger …

What is DETOX?

Technically, for detox we mean a short period of continuous consumption of food with detoxifying properties. In particular, lighten the liver after a period of overwork due to the digestion of foods rich in fats and sugars and at the same time help the intestine (in this way we also help to improve the state of health of the skin). The main purpose is therefore to cleanse the body, removing toxins from the body.

dough for bread with wholemeal flour


Surely antioxidants are a great ally and above all are found in foods such as fruits and vegetables. The most suitable for the purpose are those rich in antioxidants: pomegranate, avocado, grapefruit, carrots, green leafy vegetables, red cabbage, beetroot, blueberries.
Another very important element for the detox effect is vitamin C which is found in citrus fruits and pineapples in large quantities but generally in all fruit with variable percentages. Pineapple is a fruit that also has great diuretic properties. Cereals, fennels, avocados, flax seeds and bran are then rich in fiber, excellent for helping the intestines


Usually it is said to avoid fats, hydrogenated fats and refined sugars that are undoubtedly the enemies of the purifying effect of detox. It would also be advisable to avoid meat, fried food, pasta, bread and cheese. Precisely for this reason, the detox regime is recommended for short periods.

Focaccia - a kind of Tasty Italian Bread
Burgers of Polenta, an Italian Recipe


In addition to water that is a good ally in all detoxifying experiences, another good help can come from white tea and green tea, rich in antioxidants and with a great draining effect. Finally, beetroot could be the symbol of detox: rich in vitamins and minerals, help the liver to eliminate toxins. Finally, ginger is a good ally in improving digestion and fighting nausea.


Delicious Italian Food.org organizes purifying weekends with theory and practice therefore the teaching of many detoxifying recipes made with natural ingredients and with the theoretical part entrusted to a nutritionist doctor.
Our weekends are in Italy where we also organize sightseeing tours in very beautiful places in Umbria (a region nicknamed “the green heart of Italy”). In our culture we say “even the eye wants its part”! By this we mean that a good “food for the mind”, also helps the mind to purify itself.

In Netherlands we organize half-day courses.

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Roasted Polenta - An Italian Dish for Gluttons!

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