The team building makes people to become closer

either are working in a company or in an office


The experiential path of our Cooking Team Building increases the perception of how important it is to act as a real team, increases the sense of belonging and reduces the distance between colleagues and between employee and boss. Teaches the team leader how to motivate a group, how to improve by guaranteeing each team member serenity, gratification and collaboration.
Creating a real work team is our task and leaves room for creativity, but above all it is useful to improve:

•listening inside the team
•ability to recognize errors and remedy them
•active contribution of each member
•ability to manage stress
•ability to cope with personal or corporate crises
•team spirit
•attitude to problem solving
Each team member we’ll come to understand that is HIMSELF or HERSELF an important element for the company’s success, must be able to say: “I am useful because I can do these things that bring these results”.
To achieve this result we need to intensify the interactions between the members and make them valuable from the point of view of personal pleasure to work with others.
We also have Team Building Classes in the Green Heart of Italy! At region Umbria in the center of Italy! Go To our Week End Italy Classes

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We need to know how many participants we’ll be in the team, the kind of work they are generally doing and the context.
We may speak to each other about it through Skype.

Generally, we need 3 weeks to organize an event but, if you have a special urgent need, feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best! Just go up on the right side, to the menu of the website and click on ‘Contact’ or write to our email quellichevanno@gmail.com
We can move in any part of the Netherlands. We are Italians.
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