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What a Personal or Home Chef does means
and How could Costs

What a Personal Chef means

A personal chef or Home Chef is a little luxury but it is a unique experience and modeled exclusively on you and for you.
Keep reading, everything will become clear!

A personal chef, Italian Chef comes to your house using gas, electricity, and pans. It’ll costs you more than a restaurant?

As soon as you tell us the date when you want to organize your romantic dinner or your lunch with friends, We can say with certainty: “that day we will work only and only for you”. You will be our only customer and we have… Real Italian Hands!
A restaurant, on any day when it is open, will not work for a single table that is just for you.

A Comparison with the Restaurant

At the restaurant the Professional Chef decides the menu, you will be presented with a card with a list of dishes to choose from, but without alternatives. In this way the kitchen is always ready for any request of your own, but just because you can not change the list. To explain it even better, if you go to any restaurant, you can not ask for an entire vegetarian or vegan menu just because you or your partner want it. Quite often happen that in a group of dinners there is a vegetarian or vegan which will get the usual pasta with tomatoes and some vegetables, because the kitchen is not able to cope with very different requests but it is right that it is so, otherwise the poor cooks in restaurants go mad.
A restaurant has to plan everything and follow what the set menu imposes.
At the restaurant the Professional Chef decides the menu, you will be presented with but not alternatives.

What a Personal Chef does

A personal chef works on your needs because he has no other customers. Our Italian Chef does the shopping, come to your house, use your kitchen, clean everything before leaving. At the very least, in short, he works for you and only for you a whole day. If people are more, if your party lasts longer than one day, we can work two or three days exclusively for you and your guests.

We plan with you the menu you prefer, Vegetarian or Vegan, the recipes needed for a nice evening, a nice Sunday or a nice lunch.

But how much does it costs in the end?

Prices depend on what you want and how you want it, however, you’ll have an idea by continuing to read.

For a couple of people, dinner or lunch range from a minimum of 65 euros per person to a maximum that you decide: if you want to spend time in Champagne, you will pay more for these expensive products.

But let’s continue. I speak, of course, always a classic menu, consisting of an appetizer, first course, main course, and dessert.

From 3 to 4 people the price per person is around 50 euros.
From 5 to 10 we get a minimum of 40 euros each.
From 11 to 15 guests minimum 35 euros each

Over 15 people, a lot depends on the menu that you will choose. Always staying in the classic form of the meal (appetizer, first, etc.), the price can start from 35-50 euros and goes down while people increase. The formula for the provision of work + the expense separately is also valid here. For so many people, though, the cost of our service only goes up to 350 euros and, over 15 people, to 400 euros.

A Personal Chef or Home Chef costs more when people are few, while it becomes more and more convenient when people are many. But if you followed me here, you finally understood why.

Enjoy an experience with us! Real Italian Hands!

Feel free to contact us for an estimation


We need to know how many participants we’ll be in your event, the kind of people for you (friends, colleagues, relatives, parents, ecc.) and the context. Your event could be in your house or any other place organizable.
We may speak to each other about it through Skype.
Generally, we need 2 weeks to organize an event but, if you have a special urgent need, feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best! Just go up on the right side, to the menu of the website and click on ‘Contact’ or write to our email quellichevanno@gmail.com
We generally work on Utrecht and its hinterland, Eindhoven, and Delft but we can move in any part of Netherlands and… please do not forget… We are Italians!
See you there!