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Italian Cuisine a Pleasant Way to Live the Life

Italian Cuisine Real Meanings

Italian Cuisine, meanings Italian Food Culture, is an expression half English and half French because the English language doesn’t have a right expression about it. The best is the Original Italian Concept expressed by “Cucina Italiana”.
Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity, abundance in taste and condiments, and is considered the one of the most famous in the world with a strong ability to influence other cultures. The US TV station CNN places it in the first place among the most popular cuisines worldwide.

Main Features

The main characteristic of Italian cuisine is its simplicity. Italian chefs rely mainly on the quality of the ingredients and secondly on the complexity of the preparation. Many of the Italian recipes were created a long time ago by grandmothers more than by chefs, and that’s why many of our recipes are suitable for home cooking!
Many dishes that were once known only in the regions of origin have spread throughout the nation. Cheese and wine are an important part of our Food Culture, with many variations and some of the specific legal protection like the Denomination of Origin (DOC in Italy). Even coffee, especially espresso, has become important in Italian cuisine.

Stefano and Stefania
(Founders of Delicious Italian Food)

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