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Cucina Italiana Real Language Meanings

The Concept of “Cucina Italiana”

Cucina Italiana in English would literally be “Italian Kitchen” but it has a different meaning from this kind of English expression. The more close concept is “Italian Cuisine”. Cucina Italiana is an expression of a specific culture about Recipes, Food. It is a way of Life passing through the Food with the goal to gather people. Mainly family or friends people.
Our Aim is to give voice, to spread the Spirit of our Food Culture, to speak of its Heart because the hidden meanings are Stay Together, Long Life, Longevity.
We can summarize this idea saying “Our Food Life is an Art”. A good part of Italians have it flowing in their blood. That’s a way we have passion in our hands and we use Food like a Violin, a Pianoforte, a Guitar spreading Our Music.
This is why we look for a smile after a meal. For us, it is like receiving applause for our Food-Concert!

Stefano and Stefania
(Founders of Delicious Italian Food)
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