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Kids and Kitchen

Children are curious and have a great desire to do and learn new things! That’s why involving them in the kitchen, while preparing lunches or dinners, is one of the most fun and educational opportunities you have to share with them.
Once the basic knowledge is acquired, they become the most playful helpers!

Educational Cooking

Involving children in doing of some tasty recipe, invite them to mix flour and ingredients, to roll out the dough, to cut or dosing the food are all activities that have a great educational value for the child, as well as being fun opportunities to spend time together.

kids with flours water and funny!

Cooking together to eat better

Through play and cooking, children can touch, smell, observe and distinguish colors, shapes, and shades, taste and savor, experiment with combinations. Put your hands in dough, as they say, is certainly a great way to increase the knowledge that children have of food but also tastes and eating habits.

We cook with children

For each dish there are several steps to follow to complete the recipe, why not delegate some of them to our children?
Starting from 3-4 years there are many things that children can do to help us in the kitchen, even some of them they can do independently, initially with our supervision and then become valuable helpers.

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We’ll ask you how many participant we’ll be there and would be very useful to speak to each other about it through Skype.
Generally we need at least 2 weeks to organize an event but, if you have a special urgent need, feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best! Just go down on this page and fill the form or write to our email quellichevanno@gmail.com (a little bit faster). We give an answer not more than 2 or 3 hours.

We are generally working in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Delft but we can move in any part of Netherlands. We also have classes in Italy week end having parents and kids in the same day.
We are italians.
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