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Italian People, Cook, Chef, aged Women Cook, are doing Cooking Classes in Umbria, in the center of italy

When does it start?

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How to Join a beautiful trip along a Cooking Class in Italy?

Some People are working and waiting for you!

We organize trips weekend in beautiful Italian locations going through Cooking Classes and Visiting marvelous places in Umbria region, in the center of Italy.
That’s really a pleasant experience.
Umbria is one of the three regions in center-north of Italy loved in any part of the world (Tuscany, Umbria, Marche) beyond several beautiful Italian places.
You’ll have a nice exploration in the morning in some cities and we’ll come back home in the afternoon start your class and make a tasty dinner all together!
The Arrival is generally planned on Friday afternoon and back trip on Sunday evening but we can change the plan accordingly to the group.
You’ll learn several Italian recipes. We also have some Detox Lessons including Theory and Practice (you’ll learn some recipes as usual but Detox).

What is the Plan about the Trip? What does the Trip foresee? What places will We See?

Wondering what to see in Umbria means confronting a land of saints, artists, churches and castles, ancient villages and cities of art.
Umbria is a place that can enchant anyone who decides to visit it. Its territory is designed by beautiful hills, vineyards and olive groves, woods and cultivated fields that make its landscape unmistakable.
Depending on the month in which the trip takes place, we will see different locations based on the folk performances or festivals that take place.

The locations or cities generally are chosen from these places:

  • Spello nice city and it has a beautiful infiorata of Corpus Domini on the month of May
  • Perugia historic center. In October there is a huge Chocolate Festival quite famous all over the world. You’ll see even statues made by chocolate!
  • Deruta artistic ceramics
  • Torgiano and the Wine and Oil Museums
  • Foligno between ancient churches and the Giostra of Quintana
  • Montefalco, country of Sagrantino wine
  • Bevagna, where you’ll see picturesque squares and ancient crafts
  • Spoleto where you’ll meet culture and great events
  • Gubbio an ancient historical city with the famous Corsa dei Ceri on May
  • Todi, land of art, history, and poetry
  • Ferentillo e il Museo delle Mummie
  • Cascate delle Marmore

There is much more but it needs a long holiday to see all of them. In a weekend we can see 5 or 6 locations chosen by those ones depending what’s going on at the moment of the visit and in any case, it’ll be so pleasant that it’ll be unforgettable!
You’ll come back to your home taking into yourself a really lovely and funny weekend!
We can have a nice option: we can meet old women to see how they make pasta made only by hands, without any modern support, from the dough to the draft with a rolling pin! Some ancient ways still survive!
Do you like to have a brief overview of some cities of Umbria? Just GO!

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