Cooking Classes are Interesting and Funny

a way to be playfully together with something really funny to tell … … … to friends who were not there!

Just to give a brief overlook

Spend pleasant moments with us, learning many new cooking tricks and tasting the dishes prepared together.
We have classes in the evening, afternoon, morning, Saturday, Sunday, weekend or any day.
You will learn how to make pasta, pizza, bread and many other recipes from real Italian Hands!
Having a fantasy in mind and turning it into reality, on an inviting dish set on a well-laid table, can turn a simple evening into a moment in which to rediscover yourself.
Once you have a good knowledge about how to cook Italian and healthy food, it’ll be very easy to turn a medium evening in something really different.
We have Good Prices!
Just Ask and Try!

Feel free to contact us for an estimation


We’ll ask you how many participant we’ll be there and would be very useful to speak to each other about it through Skype.
Generally we need at least 2 weeks to organize an event but, if you have a special urgent need, feel free to contact us, we’ll try our best! Just go down on this page and fill the form or write to our email quellichevanno@gmail.com (a little bit faster). We give an answer not more than 2 or 3 hours.

We are generally working in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Delft but we can move in any part of Netherlands.
We are italians.
See you there!