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About Delicious Italian Food

Who we are, Where we come from, Where we are going…

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About the Company

The Delicious Italian Food now re-born to the Netherlands, was born in July 2012, under the umbrella of the Auroville Foundation, a place of volunteering (in India).

The company was born to supply mainly the residents of the village where working is very tiring because of the scorching heat and there is no time and… sufficient strength to prepare meals for themselves at home.

The Delicious Italian Food was initially set up for a variety of Italian sauces based on tomatoes or legumes, cooked vegetable, some particular jam for energetic purposes as well as for the palate. All of them in jar. Subsequently, the company DIF enlarged the range of its products, expanded itself and sales went also online..

In 2017, another season occurs with very high temperatures and humidity, unthinkable in Europe so, in 2018 Stefano and Stefania decide to return to Europe closing indian DIF  to open DIF at North Europe. After a long analisys, they came to go to Holland in another adventure.

We buy organically grown ingredients as much as we can.  We are vegetarians.

This website, is just like a brief visit card. We are doing a blog  where we’ll give more details about our story, our recipes and the spirit behind them. The blog we’ll go to be ready quite probably on august 2018.

The Partners Founders


Twentyfive-years as seller-agent, companies owner, manager in marketing and sellings, in the previous decade Stefano started as volunteer as cook at religious groups. After that, he went to live in India as volunteer in 2010. On september 2012, Stefano founded the ‘Delicious Italian Food” in India under the umbrella of Auroville Indian Foundation for local needs and to spread italian culture.

It was really a challenge to face the indian climate in a kitchen! Indian summer is generally starting on may to stop in june but quite often start earlier on april, and go to the end later on late july. It works on really high temperature with a unthinkable humidity!

On january 2018, we decided to close the company because last incredible summer. We decided to stop our life in India and we headed back to Europe to go to live in Netherlands .

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After graduating in business and economics, Stefania was working as a financial and insurance advisor with mainly cooperative credit banks. Over the years she has become interested in volunteering and cooking.

I then dedicated myself to volunteering, in the beginning in italy and after a long jump,  at Auroville in India, also continuing my passion for cooking.

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